2021 June 13

The actual high temperature for today was 97°. I don’t know what the heat index reading reached, but it felt plenty warm.

The peace lilies are doing quite well.

Michele gave the kids “impossible” tasks to do today. One boy was asked to retie her shoes while wearing mittens. Another boy was tasked with picking up a basket from the lectern and placing it on a table at the rear of the sanctuary. Alone they were unable to accomplish these things. But with help they were easily done.

“Transforming What is Known”

Ella chose Jardin Corona to have lunch. The food was very good, as it always is. I suspect that there were some onions (to which I’m allergic) in the fried rice, because my throat has been rough all afternoon.

Ella made butterscotch pudding for an afternoon snack. And it was made even better by applying copious amounts of real whipped cream.

It was just my day to be humble.

Goodnight and God bless

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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