2021 June 14

It was already over 80° when the sun arose. Yesterday, when they forecast was for 93° it reached 97°. With that white hot ball hanging in the heavens, I would not be surprised for it to reach 100° today. Thank God that the humidity is only 45%.

I’d love to know the story behind this Nation County Sheriff bus. It spent the night parked here. It is pulling an empty car carrier trailer. There is another vehicle parked behind it that is towing a cargo trailer. I’m assuming that they are traveling together. I looked but could see no licences on any of the vehicles.

Yesterday when we git in the truck Ella slammed the door and there was a loud colunk sound. We didn’t know what it was until we arrived at church and tried to close the window. It wouldn’t go up. I assumed the window had fallen from the track.

This morning I took the truck to Qualtech. It turns out that the reason the window fell was because the electric window motor broke. So a little over$400 later, it was fixed.

While I was there I asked them to quote what it would cost to replaced all of the shocks. The truck is 20 years old. As far as I know, it has never had the shocks replaced. I was told between $700 & $800 parts and labor.

Once I was home, I fixed breakfast burritos for breakfast. I was surprised to diff that Ella had not made breakfast for herself. She had eaten toast and jam, though.

Ella did laundry today.

Okay class, what is the name of this game?

At 7:30 PM the sky looked dirty. And just to be clear,that is not the moon. It is the sun.

8:15 PM

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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