2021 June 18

She won big time.

We had prescriptions to pick up at Wal-Mart this morning. We were getting low on milk and eggs so this was a good time for a small stock up on food also.

Our truck is leaking oil again. Since I recently had am oil change, I thought perhaps the drain plug want tightened. However, when we pulled into the parking lot, three was a looking line of waiting cars.
With groceries needing refrigeration, I decided to God home, unload the groceries, and return to Jiffy Lube. Which is what I did.
I got in line and waited my turn. About 45 minutes later they inspected and reporter that it wasn’t the plug but seals that were leaking. Having recently spent nearly fifteen hundred dollars at the GMC dealership to fix those leaks, I’m not happy. Looking at the invoice from the dealer, it states, “may still be some leaks.” Which is of course their way of saying “no warranty on work performed.” I’ll not go back there again. I will make an appointment with someone else.

By now it was around two o’clock and I was hungry. I stopped at Popeyes on the way home. Chicken for me and shrimp for Ella.

I was very warm by the time I returned home. There is no A/C in the truck. Plus my back was hurting. After eating part of my chicken, I lay on the bed under the ceiling fan for awhile to rest and cool down. A short time later we went swimming.

©2021Thomas E Williams

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