2021 June 22

The weather prognosticators were right on the money today with their 85° forecast.

Preparing Ella’s morning transfusion*.

Ella and I had lunch with Arik and Beket at North Italia at the Domain in Austin. We started with calamari as an appetizer. Beket had a bowl of green stuff. Ella and Arik had a pasta bowl. I had a spicy ham and cheese on a great European type bread. It was Arik’s treat to me for Father’s Day. Unfortunately we didn’t really had time to visit. It was too noisy at the restaurant to converse.

On the way home, Arik delivered us to QualTech so we could retrieve the truck. Rudolf the red nose pickup now has a new power steering pump, filter, and fluid, along with new oil filter and fluids. I assume that there will be no more spots on the parking lot now.

*Transfusion, is the simple addition of one substance to another, i.e. coffee into Ella.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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