2021 June 23

The actual high temperature for today was 94° but it felt more like 100°.

Pat, Charlotte, Ann, Bill, Karen, Deborah, Ella, and I were at Grandies today. Though not everyone in our group has made it back to the meetings. We are starting to great back in the groove.

Six of us stayed and played canasta after the Grandies meeting. We only had time for one game because Ella and I had groceries to pickup.

This was the first time that we have used the curbside service at HEB. It was comparable to what we’ve experienced at Wal-Mart. HEB’s app is not quite as fully functional as Wal-Mart’s. Wal-Mart tracks our arrival and check-in is through the app. With HEB it was necessary to text them to notify them of our arrival and parking area.

Our lunches. Ella had leftovers from her lunch yesterday. I had a shepherds pie from the freezer.

One of the flower beds at “The Hills at Leander”

After lunch I went to Arik and Jenny’s so that I could be there when the AC repairman arrived. I was there to let him in and control the dogs. We didn’t want him to be too scared to work. Zeus is a large dog with an intimidating bark.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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