2021 June 25

We accompanied Charlotte to Costco to purchase snacks for the Kids Summer Snack Program. It took us quite awhile do find that for which we were looking. We wanted case lots of individually wrapped snacks. We asked one employee who directed us to the back wall. Which was all pet items. It was another shopper that gave us the directions we needed. I’ve never understood why Costco doesn’t indicate at the ends of the aisles what is down those aisles. Sam’s club is able to do it, why can’t Costco?

At Texas Oncology for Ella’s DNA testing. They are checking for genetic markers for cancers. Not just for her good but also for her kids. They drew blood and it’ll take about four weeks for the tests to be completed. They also did a family history and many in her family had cancers – mostly breast cancer. So it’s a good bet that the tests will show some inheritable genetic code that is a precursor for cancer.

We made a drive through Dairy Queen on the way home.

I just missed the sunset tonight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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