2021 June 28

Not a pleasant sunrise.
It rained most of the morning and again in the evening. 84° was the high

After the funeral service, Ella and I drove to Bertram for lunch at the Junction Café. When I’m craving chicken fried steak, this is my go to restaurant. As you can see from the photo above, prices have risen. You may also notice that I ate all that was on my plate. Fortunately the green beans were in a separate bowl ’cause I didn’t eat them – they had onions in them. For those who don’t know – I have a severe allergic reaction to onions.

I intentionally drove a circuitous route today. I enjoy changing it up a bit when I drive. This afternoon we had no particular place that we needed to be. So that seemed the perfect time to wander a little. We still got from point A to point B though it may have taken a tad longer. It was a case of “no place to go and all day to get there.”

What a wonderful setting sun.

©2021Thomas E Williams

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