2021 June 30

It was a little warmer than forecast. It reassured 91°. We had a tiny amount of drizzle but no real rain.

Wednesday means it is Grandies day. We have our core group attending but I long to see all of the Grandies back in action. As It stands now, we have more members not attending than attending.

The fact that we are driving less miles in a month kind of offsets the higher cost our gasoline. I find that QuikTrip nearly always has lower prices per gallon than other filling stations in the area. I’m not sponsored by QuikTrip — but I’m open to negotiations. 😀

We stopped at the new McCoy’s lumber yard in Liberty Hill today. I needed a door key made. We also wanted to see what It was like. And what It was like inside was like Bomgaars in the upper Midwest. Though Bomgaars doesn’t have the lumber.

This is the third iteration of the stew I made last Saturday. Monday I added diced tomatoes to the leftover stew. Today I used the last of it as a shepherds pie inspired concoction. I wanted more of a crust on top. I used mashed potatoes but also added cheddar cheese and eggs into the potatoes. It turned out as I had hopped it would – crisp with a crunch. Remember, Kids, always play with your food.

I baked it in the Instapot. I set a pie pan on the steam rack and used the air fryer mode. I like it. I’ll have to put it to more use.

This afternoon we had a gathering to meet Marnie, the new activities coordinator for the apartment complex. We will soon be able to make use of all of the amenities of the facilities.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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