2021 July 03

The temperature topped out at 84° due to the fact that it was mostly cloudy all day. There was a time in the afternoon when it turned dark and looked like it could rain but didn’t.

I let the dogs out this morning and they turned around and went back inside. So back out they went – with me. I sat there until I’d seen both of them go pee. Then I let them in to get their morning meds and breakfast. Then back outside while it was still relatively cool.

I opened a frozen pizza before realizing that it contained onions. I’m allergic so I picked them off before baking.

Ella and I went for a dunk in the pool before supper. I tried to coax the dogs to come out with us. Neither would even come form stairs.

Both of the dogs spent nearly the entirety of the day upstairs. Zeus didn’t come down until he heard his food bowl being filled. It seems a shame to sedate them tonight. However, there are fireworks that will have them upset without the pill’s calming effect. I let them stay outside after supper, for as long as they wanted. Bluebell wanted back in almost immediately. Zeus stayed our for a while longer.

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