2021 July 06

We left Arik and Jenny’s after feeding the dogs and ourselves. All four of us had our morning medications but only Ella and I participated in the daily devotion. Dogs, not having participated in “Man’s Fall From Grace,” needed no Scripture reading.

We weren’t sure of the time for our dentist’s appointment. We knew that they opened at 9. So we headed that way incase we had a 9 o’clock. As we were driving, Ella tried several times to call the office. Once she made a connection she found that our appointments were for 3pm. Knowing that, we made a u-turn and went to our apartment.

We had lunch at the apartment and stayed until about 1:30 when we went to Operation Liberty Hill.

We had the back of the truck loaded with food and thrift store donations from our collection on Sunday afternoon at the church. It was nearly 2:30 when we finished unloading at Operation Liberty Hill.

It was only about a 5 minute drive between OLH and the dentist. We arrived with time to spare. Especially when they were half an hour late getting us in. They gave us two “Thank You for your patience” gift certificates good for five dollars on Amazon.

Another evening downpour.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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