2021 July 10

I had thought that, when I took the dogs out this morning, I’d bob around in the pool. However it was raining. After breakfast, the sun came out. Yay! We read our devotional for the day. Played a game of Fast Track. I decided it was time for that dip into the pool. It started raining again before I made it out the door.

Once again, I thought I might get into the pool. It began to rain.

Finally this afternoon we were able to greet in the pool. It was chilly. We toughed it out for the better party of an hour and them say on the (mostly) sun to take the chill off.

The kids sent a text that they were on the way and about 7 hours away. So after the dogs and ourselves, we came home.

Ella did laundry, including the bedding for their bed. That way they could hit the hay as soon as they got home.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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