2021 July 14

Grandies had a very small crowd today. Only 9 in attendance.
Ella and I stopped for donuts to take to Grandie’s this morning.
When we arrived at Grandie’s, we were stopped by one of the directors of the Our Village. She said that one of the clients had Covid and they weren’t sure what they were going to do. Her boss’s boss called her back and said since everyone had been vaccinated that they could go ahead and gather together.
And Grandie’s decided, since we all had our vaccinations, to meet also.
The scarier thing was that the young man who had contacted the Covid had his shot also. He had the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Also the young man with the covid-19, was described as being a fragile person who takes a lot of medication.
The folks at Our Village are people with limited mental abilities. Many of them also have physical disabilities. They share the same building with Grandie‘s and with the Over-The-Hill Gang. They have their own room and their own restroom. The only place that is shared between us is the kitchen sink where they go to fill their water bottles.

Tomorrow the Over-The-Hill Gang meets in that same room where Grandies meet. And as our president, I will let the individuals know about the covid-19. And then they can decide whether they want to stay or go.

Leftovers for lunch was the most exciting thing about this afternoon.  It was a good day to binge watch NCIS.

Even the lightening and thunder weren’t very exciting.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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