2021 July 15

Partly cloudy and hazy start to the day

Attendance was down today. Only 29 present and 2 were new.

We had a “meet the new manager” today. Because of the echoing acoustics and rude people talking while the speaker was talking, I know nothing more than before I went to the meeting.

Well there was one question answered that I heard. The question was, “When can I get a copy of my lease?” The answer was, “5 minutes.” Apparently we were not the only ones without a copy. We moved in on February 12th and have requested a copy of the lease 3 different times. After the meeting I went to the office and they printed it off for me. Plus there is now an app where I can get a digital copy. Plus we can turn in work orders and make payments through the app. Amazing what a change of manager can do.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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