2021 July 16

Hmm. What do you think? Is this partly cloudy?

We had lunch at a Mediterranean buffet today. Ella liked it enough that she would go back. Though there were some dishes, such as the lamb and the desserts, that were good, I found nothing that said, “wow that was really good”.

No face or foot washing at this sink. I know, I’m easily amused.

This afternoon the sky was still “partly” cloudy.

We started by driving to Over The Hill Gang in Liberty Hill. I needed the Sam’s Club card. Then we drove to Sam’s Club in Austin and purchased supplies for the OTHG. From there we drove to the buffet. Afterward we went to a church parking lot what a flyer said we could get free produce. However, the information I was following was out dated. No produce. So we went back home.

This was how we spent what was left of the afternoon. Relaxing, reading, writing, watching, and playing.

And of course we had to work in four or five Fast Track games before bed time.

After we went to bed, an ambulance pulled into the drive. I don’t know and most likely will ever know why or who was involved.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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