2021 July 18

It is Sunday. Sundays find us in the chapel (right side) for Sunday school. And in the worship center (left side) for worship. Soon the elevator will be installed and Sunday school (for all adults) will be in the upper level of the worship center. Sunday school for children is and will remain in the Louine Noble Education building (center).

There we are, in our normal seats. We always sit in the front row and usually on the right-hand side. When we visit visit a new church, we find that we are never sitting in somebody’s spot.

Children’s time with pastor Michele. Half of the children are hidden by the blurb in the lower right corner.


1 Timothy 6:2b-12 Sermon
“Money Is the Root of All Evil”
Pastor Michele

Lunch was at Jardin Corona. This is Ella’s favorite place to eat. Personally, I was looking for something like beef roast, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy. My vote was overridden. So, I had
Carnitas (roast pork served with green tomatillo sauce, rice, beans, and avocado slices. There was also pico de gallo, which I could not eat because it contained onions. Ella had Enchiladas Blancas (Monterey Jack cheese enchiladas rolled in flour tortillas, covered with sour cream sauce.) Sorry, I don’t know now this became an episode of “Name Dropping Food”.

Nap time. Nap times hardly ever result in naps. They are most likely form into endless puzzles for Ella and binge watching old JAG & NCIS shows for me.

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