2021 July 18

Just one game of Fast Track after breakfast. Then we got on the road.

First stop was UPS to drop a return to Amazon.

Second stop was Wal-Mart so Ella could get her hair cut.

Third stop was Sticker Stop to inspect truck. A necessity before relicensing. Unfortunately, the emergency brake needs work and there is a bulb in the third taillight that needs to be replaced.

Then back to Wal-Mart to get the new and improved(?) Ella. She’s minus those lovely curls. She was done around 10:30.

I dropped Ella at home and then went to QualTech for brake repair. I arrived there at about 11:15.

Shortly after 3 o’clock the wind switch to the north and started blowing nearly gale force. And then the rain came. Not a nice gentle soaking rain. Nope this was a real gully washer. It was the kind for which the “Turn Around Don’t Drown” signs were made. And that’s no joke. When these rains come rushing down the hills and racing across the roads in the valleys, it can become amazingly deep in a short amount of time.
At 3:30 the truck was done. They let me get into it while it was still in the mechanics bay. So I didn’t get soaked until I arrived home. As an added bonus, QualTech reinspected it – and passed it. Which meant, when at home, I was able to go online and renew the truck’s license tag. Unfortunately, it probably will not arrived until after we leave for Iowa.

The lightening was no joke either.

Many games of Fast Track were played this evening.

Ella had lunch/supper ready by 4:00. And I was ready too. Breakfast had been a long time ago. Lasagna and garlic bread is always a welcome meal. And ice cream with chocolate syrup was an added treat.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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