2021 July 20

Dark and hazy at sunrise. I truly expected that “slight chance of showers and thunderstorms“. However, they failed to materialize.

Air fried potatoes (and later bacon) with toast and eggs for breakfast. It is handy to set the time and then walk away

The morning devotion was the very familiar 23rd Psalm. We read it from two translation that used more modern words and sentence structure.
The King James version still seems more poetic. Though, to many, the Olde English of the KJV sounds more stately than the modern versions; it actually used the vernacular of the common people of the day. It was anything but stately and considered by those of noble birth to be crude and perhaps vulger.

Many games of Fast Track were played in the morning.

Ella arranged some flowers this afternoon. Lovely, aren’t they?

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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