2021 July 30

We purchased sausage, eng, and cheese croissants at QuikTrip before going to Cutty’s.
We met for coffee and conversation with friends in Cutty’s Clubhouse. Francis, Bob, Keith, Jean, Sue, Ella, and I
Lunch at the Grimes Senior Center. It was disappointing. It had been such a vibrant dynamic place for us elder folks to gather for lunch and play various games and occasionally sing along.
Four of us did get the Fast Track board out of the storeroom to play a few games.

We spent a couple of hours at the adult cents and then moved to the café in hopes of seeing people we know. And then went to the adult center to wait for Card Jackpot to begin. We crane out 75c ahead. We drove back to John’s in the rain. I don’t like driving in rain and darkness. So we went through town rather than the interstate.

From Ella’s post: Today was a full day for us. We started with coffee with our Cutty’s friends. After coffee we went to the Senior Center in Grimes, Iowa and saw many of our friends from the center and played a game of Fast Track with the lady that introduced us to the game. We rested in the afternoon at Cutty’s adult center.

the supper with Tom and Sue Stone. We ended the evening playing cards jackpot and Ella won the last and biggest jackpot of the evening.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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