2021 August 01

The temperature remained a fairly constant 81° all afternoon.
The sky is still full of smoke from those fires on the west coast. It makes for spectacularly red sunrises and sunsets.
We read or Upper Room while having breakfast at McDonalds.
The sausage egg McMuffins were topic, as usual, however the apple fritters were less good. They were more of a cinnamon roll than a fritter.
We were able to worship with friends at Union Park UMC today. It was nice to see them even if it was a very short visit.
I missed getting a photograph of the third stained glass window because the service was starting.
We watched part of Justice League and most of Say Amen.mmm9
Brandon’s new pellet smoker/grill broke. The hot wings were finished in the oven. They were still good.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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