2021 August 10

B.E.T.s (Bacon, egg, and tomatoes) sandwiches were our breakfast item for today.

Many games of Fast Track were played this morning and again this afternoon.  – Don’t you wish you were here to play? We do!

I received an email from Discipleship Ministries. That contained the following line. “They long for a simpler decision-making process focused on discipleship and not endless meetings. Join us August 12th & 19th for a two-part webinar series” I’m sorry but the idea of a two part webinar to show you how to have less meetings just struck me as funny. Kind of like paying someone to show you how to save money.

A Meals on Wheels truck made a midday delivery to somebody(s) in the apartments. We had never seen them here previously. It might be something to look into.

This was a go nowhere and do nothing day.

Lunch of (Instapot) roast beet, carrots,potatoes, and fresh

tomatoes. As am afternoon snack I cooked some vanilla pudding.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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