2021 August 11

Good guess on the forecast today. 93° on the nose.
There were eight of us at Grandies today. The meeting ran a little long. Or maybe it seemed that way because we started at ten instead of the usual nine o’clock. We finished just before noon and no one stayed to play games.

After Grandies we made a short stop at Wal-Mart for an air mattress and a fruit tray. The Fruit is for am event on Friday.

As a special tribute to Louine Noble, Kathy Major will be compiling a collection of special memories about Louine. A copy of this tribute will be shared with each Louine Noble Elementary staff member at the Back-to-School Breakfast on Friday.

Because of an accident along our route, we took a lot longer getting home from the store2+

And when we arrived home there was a fire truck and an EMS truck in front of the apartments. We never know the reason they are here. None of our business, I guess.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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