2021 August 12

We were down to only 26 people in attendance today. More people are afraid of the chance of Covid in gatherings. As President I called for a vote on whether to discontinue meeting until such time as the number of cases decline. It was about half and half. So I decided to go one more week. However, next week I’m going to make an executive decision to place meetings on hold. I just do not want to be responsible for sickness or death of our members.
A day without Fast Track is a day without sunshine. We had Fast Track and we had sunshine.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

*OTHG’s began in 1998. Seniors continue to the  luncheons held every Thursday.  As a non-profit, the organization relies on the generosity of its members as well as the community. By charter agreement, members are not charged dues so the organization depends on everyone to pitch in and help with various duties. Some members clean and wash dishes while others provide desserts and still others make a donation towards the meal.

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