2021 November 05

The haze in the sky is causing rainbows to surround the sun. It’s a different kind of beauty.
We added hashbrowns to our normal breakfast.

This photo is from a couple years ago.

I’m always amazed at how, with the right lighting, my beard looks even whiter than how I see it in the mirror.
Along with a completed application for an apartment, we needed a money order for the applicator fee. That meant a stop at the local credit union. Though this is not our credit union, there is a cooperation between them which allows us to do banking through them.
The next stop on our journey was Wally World to pick up a prescription. We used the drive up option, as usual. It was amusing that the pharmacy worker was from a different store and didn’t know where the pharmacy parking area was located. Once she found us, she also had problems with the mobile card reader and needed to take our card into the store. I jokingly said, “Don’t use it to do your Christmas shopping.” I’m sure she was feeling a littler stressed and I hope that my joking with her helped brighten her day just a little.

It was around noon when we arrived at the apartment complex. The manager was already late for an appointment in Round Rock but graciously took time to review our application before leaving. She has been managing two complexes but has now (temporarily) been assigned two more while they search for more managers.


November 05, 2021:  Thank God for the unexpected beauty in the rainbow around this morning’s sun. Thank God for waking me. Thank God for my sight and the ability to appreciate the beauties of His works.

God bless and goodnight

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