2021 December 29


Wed 2:39 AM to Wed 10:00 AM

We arrived a couple minutes before Ella’s doctor appointment for 11:00. She was relieved to find only a slight Urinary Track Infection. An hour and ten minutes later she returned to the truck, where I’ve been coughing myself into a headache. She failed to mention that she had a prescription to pick up until after Subway and we were on the way home, that went nowhere near the Walgreens pharmacy. We will pass that way tomorrow. If I remember. If she reminds me while there is time to adjust the route with no backtracking. And, hopefully, no headache.

Two foot long subs plus 3 cookies for $16.30. That works out to 4 meals at a little over $4 apiece.

We ate after arriving home. A little lite housework, some medications, and it was naptime.

Re: New Years Eve Party.

Yesterday the whole (Hills at Leander Apartments) community had an invite for a New Years Eve Party, there are letters all over the community, again this is not a great idea considering we have quite a few sick people here in the community. We have many seniors here that are delicate and not to mention the noise level- I think many forget the residents on the first and second floor can hear what goes on in the lobby. I hope you strongly rethink about this event and not go. I also want to mention that yesterday I walked in the kitchen and it was dirty please clean after yourself when using our kitchen and lobby area. Thank you.

Kind Regards, Hills Staff

I’m with management on this one. We are in Williamson county with Travis the closest and Burnet the next closest. In fact, ALL of Texas is currently considered very high risk. Why invite EVERYBODY masked or unmasked, vaccinated or unvaccinated to gather together and get drunk and stupider? Even if you don’t catch Covid or the Flue, there are plenty of other nasty “bugs” stirring in that “human soup”. “Ya feelin’ lucky, Punk?”

©2021 Thomas E Williams


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