2019 October 24 Thursday

  • 2019 October 24 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

and cloudy overnight with a predicted high of 77° and rain

e attended Over the Hill Gang this morning. They served lasagna, lettuce salad, garlic bread, pinto beans (there it’s always pinto beans), beats, pickled okra and jalapeno, pineapple and lots of desserts. I had the lasagna, bread, beans, and salad and restrained myself from eating more than one cupcake size pumpkin pie.

fter Over the Hill Gang we went to Ella’s ENT doctor in Cedar Park. Her audiogram showed no change from last year. The physical examination showed inflammation of the ear but not infection. She was given a script for a different antibacterial medication. After doing laundry, we had the prescription filled.

hen it was time to go to the laundromat in Leander and wash our clothes. Although we share most household chores, over the years, I’ve done most of the cooking while Ella does most of the laundry. For me the visit to the laundromat generally means nap time. I may wake on time to assist with folding clothes … but not always. I usually carry the clothes in and out. My other help with the laundry is to add the detergent to the to top of the machines.

hile driving through the RV park, we noticed one of our neighbors cleaning out her car. So, we stopped to visit for a while.

nce home, the laundry was can carried in and I started a supper of turkey with gravy, eerie rice and corn.

hile we were eating, it began to rain. Not much but anything is welcome.

God bless and g’nite.

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