2019 October 29 Tuesday

  • 2019 October 29 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

47° and fog to start the day. And it reached a foggy high of 48° buy 2 PM.

ore fog and a little rain this morning.

ingo was played at the Georgetown senior center today. Yay! It has been a very long time since we have had bingo. There was trouble with the machine. You can see, in the center of the photo, the large message board that lights with the numbers called. It is perfect for us who are hard of hearing. Also, Larry, the man who generally was the bingo caller, died this year. People bring odds and ends of things as bingo prizes. It coasts$1.50 to play. It is much like a white elephant exchange so there may be an item from the dollar store, a can of soup, or something someone found in the back of a drawer. To end the bingo session, we play blackout bingo until everyone has won something.

he fog never lifted at all today and it remained cold with intermittent sprinkles.

got a callback from the RV repairman about our air conditioner. He can get a replacement board from the manufacture for about $195. The good news here is that it will also make the furnace work again also. The work-around that he had proposed earlier would get the AC working but not the furnace. I was amiable to the work-around because we don’t use the furnace often. Last winter we used it not at all. We find that our electric fireplace is much more efficient form of heat than the RV LP furnace, which blows a lot of the heat out with the exhaust.

dam and Leigha invited us in to there home for spaghetti tonight. They were bringing in things from their garden because there is a chance of an overnight freeze coming.

It was nice to just sit and visit. I’m always amazed at the way conversations grow in an organic way from topic to topic. Have you ever tried to “reverse engineer” a conversation, to try and follow it backward to see how these various tangents are connected to the original subject of conversation?

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 29 in our Texas home

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