2019 November 01 Friday

  • 2019 November 01 Friday All Saint’s Day in Liberty Hill, Texas

34° at 8:45AM mostly sunny

As the frost on this bush melted, it left behind small water drops that bejeweled the shrubbery.

As the sunlight swept across the frosted ground, the first hint of winter melted away.

Our A/C is once again working. Yay! He even had the furnace trying to run. Tried and failed. The furnace fan came on just fine. That is supposed to cause a sail switch to allow the LP gas into the combustion chamber where it is heated to ignition. So there are several systems that may be causing the failure. I told him not to worry about the furnace now because I was going to need to leave for a doctor’s appointment. We settled the bill for the labor and parts for the air conditioner. ($440.43) He will come back when He can get us scheduled. He is going to be going out of state for training on satellite systems. He also has several other furnaces ahead of mine. I told him that it is fine. The other people probably need their furnaces more than we do. We get along fine with our electric heat.

The repairman had arrived just as I finished installing the first shelf in the truck topper. If I weren’t so tired, I’d go out and take a photo of my handy work. I was unable to complete the second shelf because I needed to get ready for my doctor’s appointment.


Doctor Crimmons gave me a clean bill of health. However, after the holidays, he wants me to schedule a stress test. It has been four or five years since my last one.

We tried the new Star (Asian) buffet in Cedar Park. My favorite was the battered butterfly shrimp. Ella’s was the coconut shrimp. The BBQ ribs were too sweet for my liking. But if you like sweet BBQ, there ya go. The hot and spicy soup was also very good. It is so full of good stuff that you can eat it with a fork, which I did ’cause I forgot to get a spoon. Of course we couldn’t sample everything, so we will have to go back.

God bless and g’nite.

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