2019 November 05 Tuesday

2019 November 05 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

67° at 7:30 AM mostly cloudy

The high for today it’s predicted to be not much warmer than the low (65) this morning or the predicted low tonight (63).

Sunrise looked like a medium gray flat watercolor wash. As a matter of fact, that is what most of the day looked like. We spent our morning at the Georgetown senior center. At 10:30 they fired up the big bingo machine and we played bingo for about an hour before lunch (chicken fried steak, mashed potato w/gravy, asparagus, and garlic cheese bread)

We stopped at Goodwill and purchased a second soft-sided tote bag on wheels. We bought the red one last week with the idea of using it as a laundry bag. It worked well, however it wasn’t large enough. So today we also purchased the blue one.

We came home and gathered up our dirty clothes then went to the laundromat.

The sun was already low in the sky at 4 pm and shining golden on the trees.

Sunset was much more beautiful and awe inspiring than our grey sunrise.God bless and gnite.

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