2019 November 07 Thursday

  • 2019 November 07 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

53° at 11:00AM cloudy with a 30% chance of rain.

It had been raining for several hours by the time I got out of bed for the last time this morning. And it continued to rain off and on until after I went to bed this evening.

All of this rain is good for filling the area lakes. Over the summer the Texas hill country was in drought conditions. But each rainfall has worked to bring them out of the drought.

  • Lake Georgetown: 65.3% full as of 2019-11-05.

  • Lake Travis: 84.8% full as of 2019-11-05.
  • Lake Buchanan: 90.0% full as of 2019-11-07
  • Inks Lake: 92.4% full as of 2019-11-05.
  • Lake L. B. Johnson: 95.8% full as of 2019-11-05.

Look how bright and festive the tables at Over the Hill Gang were this morning. Tableware set with tablecloths and small vases with flowers in Fall colors. It must be decorations for the coming Thanksgiving dinner on the 21st. Over the Hill will be closed for Thanksgiving on the 28th.

43 people braved the rain to come for chicken today. When I first arrived in the hill country, I thought that people were being silly and overreacting by staying home when it rained. But since I’ve seen how fast some of the low water crossings can reach flood stage, I now understand why people want to stay home rather than not being able to return home because of flooding.

Lots of games were played. Canasta, Mexican Train. 84, and Bridge(?).

On the way home we stopped at the physicians office so that Ella could leave a specimen to determine if she needed additional medications or to stop taking them. She received a call later for in the afternoon with the news that she still has an infection so a new prescription was called to the pharmacy. I will stop on my way home tomorrow to get the meds and a few other items.

Sunset was even darker and wetter than the sunrise, so I didn’t bother with a photograph.

God bless and g’nite.

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