2019 November 08 Friday

  • 2019 November 08 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

39° at 7:15a 30% chance of rain. Going for a high of 49°.

It appears that the sky has gone into reruns or instant replay. Maybe God got a special deal on grey sky paint. Dark and dreary isn’t my favorite color scheme. I like the pallet that Bob Ross always used where there was a happy little cloud here and a happy little tree there.

Traffic was backed up on 332 loop and hiway 29 this morning. It took half an hour to go 4 miles to get out of Liberty Hill. Whereas it only took 6 minutes to go the 6 miles into Liberty Hill. Without traffic snarls it should only take 40 minutes or less to drive the 25 miles to the mall where I will be visiting with children (of all ages) from today through Christmas Eve. Our little town has gone through a real growth spurt. So having a traffic light start blinking red, in all four directions, caused quite a mess with people trying to get to work in the greater Austin metropolitan area.

The gate to my changing area was down and locked this morning when I arrived at the staging area for the Santa set.

I sat and watched the mall walkers make their circuits until the set manager arrived to let me in to change into my alter ego, Santa. Just as Superman is his true self and Clark Kent is the disguise, Tom Williams is my disguise.

Unlike Superman, I don’t wear my Santa suit under my everyday clothes. Also, it takes me longer to change than it does for Clark. Here is my changing room and my suits. Come to think about it, it does look a little like the stock room at the Daily Planet.

I had a fun day at the mall, as I always do. How could I not have fun with the love that Santa gets and gives all day long! One memorable event from today was the little girl who didn’t want to get out of her stroller to see Santa. I talked to for a little bit then got her to do a high five. I thanked her and threw her a kiss. She did the same and then puckered up and leaned toward me. So I bent down and got a kiss on the cheek.

On the way home I made a stop at the Wal-Mart pharmacy to purchase Ella’s medication. Two of the four were ready today and the other two should be ready tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be stopping again tomorrow.

When I arrived home Ella had supper ready and on the table. Barbecued ribs, herbed potatoes, peas, and biscuits. Nice! Particularly since I left before breakfast and didn’t have a lunch break.

Since I left without breakfast, I also forgot to take my morning medications. So I took my morning meds with my supper pills a couple hours later, and my bedtime pills an hour after that.

God bless and g’nite.

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