2019 November 09 Saturday

2019 November 09 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

37° at 7:30a and hazy going for a high of 64°

The view from my deck

The sun, like a bride on her wedding day, is attempting to peek through a veil. Unfortunately, the truth behind the haze is less poetic. Our skies will be hazy on Friday in Austin, due to smoke from agricultural fires burning in southern Mexico and Central America. Leaves of sugar cane are set on fire to make it easier to harvest. Winds bring the smoke into Central Texas each year. (source, KVUE)

Santa has begun receiving letters. Here are some examples.

As you can see, some letters are packed tight on two pages, others want interesting things like poopy slime. Some letters from very good boys only want candy and Smashbrothers. Some children leave cutouts of their desires. Other leave messages that only the elves can read.

Most visitors to Santa’s big chair fill my heart with great joy. Some tug on different heart strings. Today a family came that were signing ASL to their portal daughter. I signed to them questioning if she was deaf or hard of hearing. She was deaf. I welcomed her and signed, “My name is Santa.” She has other obvious birth defects. Her facial features were asymmetrical and I suspect some diminished learning abilities. She sat still on my lap while her rambunctious younger brother wiggled, squirmed, and chattered on about his toys. As they left I wished them a Merry Christmas aloud and in sign. Times like these make me wish that I knew more than a few simple ASL.

I really want to get some photos of the Santa set at the mall. However, Santa isn’t allowed to have his phone/camera on the set. I may have to arrive much earlier and get some photos before the mall opens. Today a group of 10 to 12 high school age girls came to the mall in some unique cosplay outfits. At first only two of them came onto the set. However I finally convinced the others to come in also. Then I said they really needed a photo to commensurate this momentous gathering. They weren’t too sure until I said, “It’ll only be a couple dollars apiece.” Now the trick was to get all of them into the frame of the camera, which doesn’t have a wide angle lens. However, with a little crowding and a lot of giggling they got their photo.

After work, I once again, stopped at the pharmacy to get the rest of Ella’s medications that weren’t ready yesterday. One was ready, one they were “working on”, and one will not be available until November 16.

It is now 11:15 PM and I was gazing at the night sky, hoping to see that black blanket sprinkled with stars. However, I saw that the brightness of the moon overpowered the dim light of most stars. I can’t begrudge the moon her light. After all she spends half of her nights growing dimmer and darker. Only a few days of her endless cycle is she able to dominate the sky. I can wait a few nights until the stars once more crowd the sky.

I found another WordPress blog that y’all might want to check out, darylmadden. He writes short inspirational poems.

God bless and g’nite.

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