2019 November 11 Monday

2019 November 11 Monday – Veterans Day- in Liberty Hill, Texas

My morning view from the deck

66° at 8:00a mostly cloudy predicted low 30°.

It looked fine in the morning, but hang on to your hat (literally) ’cause the times they are a changin’. It reached the high of 69° early on and then started to tumble toward that predicted low. By the time I was off work at 4:30 the temperature was at 36° and the wind was whipping around pretty good. I arrived home about 5:45 and the temperature was 33° that felt like 21°. There was an Emmaus meeting in Leander that we had planned to attend but changed our minds. High, gusty wind, darkness, twisted hilly roads, rain, and below freezing; all added up to a bad night to be on the road.

This is Santa’s domain at Lakeline Mall.

Wind advisory remains in effect until 6am CST Tuesday north winds 20 to 30mph with gusts up to 45 mph

Sorry that nearly all of the post is about the weather, but that is what’s happening in our lives today.

29° that feels like 14° and snow.

This may make for an interesting commute tomorrow

God bless and g’nite.

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