2019 November 13 Wednesday

2019 November 13 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

28° and cloudy (so what’s new?) at 8:00 AM and going for a high of 41°.

No sunshine in the east. It is so completely overcast that there are not any edges to the clouds.

There was a little bit of brightness in the southern sky though. So maybe there is a chance of some color in the sky instead of this dingy grayness.

Just before we left home this morning the sun made an attempt to shine through.

In the photo, it still looked more like a cotton ball caught in the top of that bush, than the bright warm yellow spider in the sky that children draw.

Ella went to Grandies this morning. I dropped her of at the Over The Hill Gang building on my way to work. She also went to a “Going Away” party for our church secretary who has been here for 18 years.

Our monthly choir party was tonight. We held it in the multi purpose room at Cross Tracks Church.

God bless and g’nite.

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