2019 November 15 Friday

2019 November 15 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

47° feels better than the 31° over night low. It is sunny and clear skies.

The predicted high was 57 but we actually reached 62°. Ella had to close the blinds and open the windows and door because it reached 82° inside. The passive solar heat coming through the windows on a sunny day can become overwhelming. The A/C actually kicked on when the inside temp reached 80. That’s when she opened our home to the outside air.

Hey there, sunshine, I’ve missed your smiling face. Where’ve you been keepin’ yourself?

Frost covered the ground this morning. It made the short grass look blanketed in snow. But it melted away very soon as the sun’s rays landed on it. This may be the last below freezing night we have for a while.

Santa had fun as usual, even though it wasn’t very busy. I had a sleeping baby brought to me. I did the finger to the lips indicating the shhh sound. The little guy slept through having his clothes changed to his Christmas finery, as well as being handed from person to person and his head turned to face the camera.

I also had a 2-3 year old boy with autism. He didn’t appear to be bothered by the mall lights and sounds. He also was quite willing to sit on Santa’s lap. What he wouldn’t do was smile or stay focused on the camera. We managed to get a photo that Mom was pleased with. She told me that she had another child with immune deficiencies and ask if I do home visits. I assured her that I am available for evening visits.

I made it home as the sun was already below the trees on the horizon. I had spent the last six miles driving into the low hanging sun. So I’d hoped to get a photo as it reached the treetops. But no such luck.

God bless and g’nite.

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