2019 November 18 Monday

2019 November 18 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Yesterday’s weather has gone into reruns this morning. I find I’m without anything blog-worthy to report other than an incident on the Santa set.

A young father brought in a vey active pre-two year old girl today. He had hopes of getting her photo with Santa. However, she refused to move from behind dad’s legs. I tried coaxing her with a picture book. No go.

Dad took the book and sat on the floor in front of my chair. She sat on his lap and looked at the book. I slid down to the floor beside them. We got some photos. But none where she was smiling or looking at the camera. Dad got up to look at the photos and she started to follow. I asked for a hug and amazingly she came back and hugged me. I said, “Take the picture!” They did and we got a great photo. Dad came and shook my hand and said, “Thank you for that last shot.”

I returned home only stopping to add fuel to Rudolf the red nosed pickup.

Once again, I drove into the setting sun, only to arrive too late to snap a good photo.

So far today the high was 72° and the low of 41°

God bless and g’nite.

  • All content ©2019 Thomas E. Williams
  • Day 496 in our Texas home

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