2019 December 29 Sunday

2019 December 29 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

very pretty sky just before the sunrise. It looks kings of surreal, don’t you think?

was pleased to bring the message today at Cross Tracks Church. The title of the sermon was “How Herod the Grinch Tried to Steal Christmas.” I also wrote the children’s sermon in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Herod the Great was an evil man. Imagine he is the Grinch, if you can.

Herod’s palace was filled with who’s. And he hated them all, The Young and the old the large and the small.

He feared they were after his throne. And it was his throne and his alone.

The wise men came from afar Silently led by an overhead star.

They came to the Palace the place of the king. Of the Messiah he knew nothing. not a thing.

There’d been no Revolt no uprising. But the birth of the Messiah, now that was surprising

His scholars said that Bethlehem town, Was the place a new king would be found.

Herod begged, after you’ve found him. I’ll send gifts to surround them.

The wise men weren’t fooled by Herod the Grinch. They’d not come back his way, that’s a cinch

Herod would search the area and town, And destroy all the boys that he found.

Joseph had a dream late at night, A horrible dream and he woke with a fright.

The Grinch planned evil for his young son. Pack up the family and run Joseph run.

Take Jesus, your wife Mary, Flee to Egypt and don’t tary.
Joseph would do as he was told. He packed up the donkey with frankincense myrrh and gold.
Next went Jesus, Mary and clothes, Then off to Egypt they goes.

They stayed in that foreign place, Until Herod had died and it was safe.

They returned home as fast as they could. And Jesus from Joseph learned about wood.
The Carpenter’s son they often said. But we all know God was his Dad.

The baby grew to became a man, Who could do those things that only God can.

He used a little boys lunch And fed 5,000, now that’s a bunch.
He went for a walk on water. And raised Jarius’s daughter.
He was beaten, whipped, and hung on a tree, to cover our sins for you and for me.
He was dead and buried but, didn’t stay dead. He rose and went to heaven instead.
He made a way for me and for you, to go up to heaven and live there too.

fter church we went to Golden Chick for lunch with friends. We were unaware that the soft drink machine had been turned off and there was no ice. It was due to a water main leak.

Ella had already beaten me once before this photo was taken. It shows her beating me a second time.

This it’s her beating me for the third time. Does this qualify as spousal abuse?

This was my turn to win.

have to lay-in-wait for the sun to reach the horizon for photos like this

God bless and g’nite

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  • Day 85 in our Texas home

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