2020 March 27 Friday

2020 March 27 Friday in Liberty Hill TexasWelcome to our daily journal!

Day fourteen of being self isolated, not wanting to be around folks with the corona-virus.

Acc wet appears this will be our last day of eighty degree weather for awhile. All though the prediction was for eighty two, Ol’ Sol pulled out another chart topping eighty six.

here were hopes that the small spot of color would grow into a full on sunrise, with pinks, oranges, purples, and reds.nd ’round about eight o’clock it did … sort of. No pinks, purples, oranges, and reds. Just a bright spot afloat in a sky the color of piss and ash.

Life during the time of COVID-19:

Twice a month on Fridays, we would go to the the Leander UMC for the 50+ Group. One Friday a month there is a meal and a guest speaker. This was the last pre-isolation outing (other than worship on Sunday) that we attended. We only attended then because the speaker was giving information about the new Senior Center that is supposed to be built by sometime in 2021.

And once a month there was a Game Day. People would gather to play their favorite card games, dominoes, and board games. Today would have been Game Day.

Map of Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County, Texas issued Stay-at-home orders

The orders dictate that all residents must remain in their homes unless performing essential activities, such as buying groceries, pet supplies and other items needed to work from home. People may go outside to exercise and walk their pets as long as they comply with social distancing rules, the order states. Travel also is permitted when needed to take care of a person or pet at another home.

This is what Ella and I have already been doing for two full weeks. So no change for us.
.fter our lunch of spaghetti with meat sauce had a chance to settle, we went for our daily walk. We did not violate the stay-at-home edict because this was our exercise for the day. We also picked up the mail, but don’t tell anyone. Mail is not on the list of legal exclusions.On the way past a neighbors truck, I saw this bumper sticker. Since I had just recently regaled you with the fascinating story of how Oatmeal may have come by its name and how this tiny spot-in-the-road made it on the Texas map, I thought it necessary to share the sticker.new groundskeeper came around with the mower today. It was nice to have the weeds leveled off again, even if the job was a little hit-or-miss


In previous postings I had shared that grandpa’s home sat on a hill over looking railroad tracks. I also shared that I loved to climb. This is a remembrance which encompasses those two things.

If you are familiar with the fertile soils of the upper Midwest, then you’ll understand how fence rows, left to their own devices, will become overgrown with small trees the size of a wooden fence post and smaller. This particular story is about a fence line that stretched from near the house to near the tracks, a distance of a city block or so.

Our protagonist is a boy of about eight or nine years of age. And as boys of that age, when left to their own devices will, he was scanning the area for something worth conquering.

At first glance, the trees in question were chicken leg spindly, and, like chickens in a rainstorm. all crowded together. However on this fine spring day, the sap was running strong in both the trees and our hero.

In his adolescent mind an idea sprang forth, full grown, . Had this fanciful thought been born small and slowly grown, his seldom heard, and seldom heeded inner voice (which sound exactly like his mother’s) might have convinced him of the foolishness and danger in his plan.

However, from thought to action we instantaneous. Indeed, so quick was his action, that even his guardian angel had no time to react before the deed was done. Climbing the fence he sprang to a sapling, which swayed under his weight.

This rocking was exactly what he was hopping for. As this slender tree tipped to the downhill side, he grasped another young tree. He hung on as the pendulum effect moved him once more uphill. At the far point of the swing, he released the original tree and let the spring of the second move him to the third. This process repeated until he reached the final tree, just above the tracks.

It would be many years before he heard words like pendulum, amplitude, oscillation, and kinetic energy. However, his young mind had already mastered the practical application of the physics.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 178 in Texas

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