2020 March 28 Saturday

2020 March 28 Saturday in Liberty Hill TexasGood morning and welcome to our daily journal!

This is day fifteen of being self isolated, not wanting to be around folks with the corona-virus.

t a few minutes past seven thirty this morning, I heard some intermittent patter on the roof. Rain, soft as a cloud of butterfly feet dancing above me. Then it moved on.I have been trying since Thursday, to schedule a pickup time with Wal-Mart for my grocery order. Given my ‘druthers I’d’a druther they’d fetch ’em out to us. However, delivery is not a option in this area of the hills.Each day I’ve checked the schedule, however that day and the day after already had all time slots full. And the application does not allow scheduling past “tomorrow.” Each day that I’ve checked my order, items, that had been in stock when I ordered on Thursday, now show as “OUT OUT STOCK.” So last night … or more correctly … this morning at eight minutes after midnight I was able to schedule a Sunday afternoon time-slot.All of this was said to say this, the drive-up pick-up service is being used by more people than ever before. This is a good thing, in this time of social distancing.

Birth order personality traits.

“There are several popular anecdotes and stereotypes about the vastly different characteristics of siblings based on which order they were born

In any statistical model of behavior, any aberration is simply removed from the equation so as to not skew the results. I am a “skewer”. In my family I am the youngest. However, by the time I was five, I was the only child in the household. But also I had a niece, only three years younger, who lived very close. We grew up together.

So am I:

  1. Youngest,

  2. Only child, or

  3. Oldest?

Maybe This accounts for my multiple personalities. 😀

We have a pair of bushes in our yard that had not shown any sign of life, while other bushes like these, have been greening out for weeks now. Two weeks ago Ella declared them dead. I respond that maybe it just wasn’t their time yet. However, earlier this week as I looked at the dead winter-dried fruit that had failed to fall, I too decided that winter had killed them. This morning, that’s right, they have leaves.And the moral of the story is … Oh you figure it out for yourself.You might also enjoy our podcast for today.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 179 in Texas

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