2020 March 31 Tuesday

2020 March 31 Tuesday in Liberty Hill TexasGood morning and welcome to our daily journal!

This is day eighteen of being self isolated, not wanting to be around folks with the corona-virus.

It was an interesting thing to be out on the road this morning. I got on the road at about 5:30. There were some places of patchy fog along the way.I saw a few other drivers and I wondered why they’re out during this time of isolation.You may wonder why I was out in this time of isolation.It because Walmart has set aside hours for people 50 and above, to come and do their shopping first thing in the morning. Ostensibly because that’s the time that they’ll be the most germ-free, I guess or maybe it’s because they know that only old people will be up at this time of day, to go shopping.With so many businesses closed, and so many others are working from home, they can shop when they feel like it.It was an interesting experience driving all alone on these twisting roads, going from Liberty Hill into Cedar Park, on the back way.It is called Bagdad, I can never remember the actual designation. I think it’s 729 or 279, I’m sure that those are the three numbers involved. My dyslexia gets in the way sometimes with numbers.The further I got to Leander, the more vehicles I saw heading back toward Liberty Hill. Which really makes me wonder, why are these people going to Liberty Hill this morning?wake at five o’clock this morning, so that I could be on the road by quarter before six. Wal-Mart was open from six to seven for us old folks. That is when everything is still freshly cleaned. It’s Also when things had been freshly restocked. Even though I picked up over a hundred dollars worth on Sunday, there were things we did not get. I added another hundred dollars today. That will have to last us.here will be no more money into the account for another three weeks. We will conserve like we’ve seldom done before. Contributions welcome. Grin.n years past, I’ve counted on part time seasonal work during the summer. That may not be an option this year. With experts predicting that we have not reached the peak of this current situation. That peak may be six weeks away. If it diminishes at, or near, the same rate as it spread, it’ll be fall before I feel safe. And that is if cold weather doesn’t bring on round two.n the way home from Wal-Mart, I was treated to this beautiful sky, heralding the rising of the Sun. A sloppy paintbrush of darkness is all the protects the pale blue ocean above from the fire beneath.nd returned home in time to catch the sun just clearing these trees. I had hurried home, obeying all speed limitations, so that I would be here to face-time with our (both Ella and my) heart doctor. I made it back in time to be here for Ella’s telemed call from her urologist. Some short time later we were contacted by the heart doctor’s nurse. She was working from home. She checked our lists of meditations. We then gave her our weight, blood pressure and pulse rate. We are able to check those from home.nce she was done, we waited for the doctor. It as necessary for us to download an app for this contact. Eventually the doctor’s face appeared. I saw his lips moving but heard nothing. He then just called on the phone. Basically, he just asked hope we were and if there was anything we needed.ess than two tenths of a mile completes the circle of or walk to pick up mail today. However, along with my shopping and other very short walks, I’ve covered over two miles.he sun appears elongated as it passes behind a decaying condensation trail of a long vanished jet. I wonder who, in this time of social separation, is willing to pack themselves into that tin can in the sky?.It has been a busy day, so I’ll call it done for now.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 182 in Texas

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