2020 April 02 Thursday

2020 April 02 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

Good morning and welcome to our daily journal!

ray on gray and rain after rain is our weather forecast for the whole of the next seven days. Sunrise is a fade to gray and sunset is a fade to black.

This is day 20 of being self isolated, not wanting to be around folks with the corona-virus.

loudy hardly described the sky. There was more water in the firmament above than in the firmament below and all day long it leaked. Sometimes misting and sometimes pouring, but once it began, there was no hesitation.

he goat pen full of yellow that the sun was unable to find. Speaking of goats, where do you suppose them to be? That’s right, inn a sheltering shed. Now, ask where the neighborhood boys might be. Oh you have already guessed, playing in the rain.

reakfast of French toast and fresh fruit. Prepared powdered egg with a splash of milk and copious amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg, made for a fine morning meal.

The flood of 1993

27 years ago Des Moines Iowa became the largest city to be without water, as the Des Moines River flooded downtown, suburbs, and the water treatment plant as well. Folks all along the Mississippi River a and the Missouri River (Iowa’s east and west boarders) were all’s being flooded. It almost looked as the whole state was under water.

Ella and I fared well through that emergency because we prepared. We will do well during this time of testing also.

unch was a rehydrated Broccoli Cheese Soup. Cooked I the Instapot and doctored up with some real cheddar cheese and a little thickening. Served with toast.

ollow-up: I checked inside the topper and found no leeks.i was really glad. Had it been wet inside, I don’t know where else I would have looked.

oday was a day for simple meals. Supper consisted of corn meal mush. Ella ate hers with milk and sugar. I eat mine with butter and salt. How do you eat your mush. If there had been leftover, it would have eaten fried for breakfast. Tomorrow, I may need to actually prepare a real meal

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 184 in Texas

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