2020 April 01 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

2020 April 01 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

One of the first things I do every morning is turn the night lights off and the water heater on. We don’t need hot water when we’re sleeping or gone for hours at a time. Not that we are gone for hours at a time now. However, if/when those times occur, I will turn of the water heater.

Eggs, bacon, toast, and America fries. It was a nice breakfast

The sky was amazing with rows of clouds like rays of sunlight aimed at a vanishing point beyond the horizon.How wonderful are your works oh Lord. Your hands which formed the universe, are the same hands which lift me when I’m down. I praise you, Lord.

Yes, it was forty nine degrees wednesday morning. I was still tempted to open the door early to the morning air. And most of the day it was open. It wasn’t until the sun got around to the west side of the RV, that we closed the door and started the air conditioner.I know. I know. It only reached seventy five degrees. But that sun through the windows was brutal.

Well I got up on the roof of the topper and started smearing this tar-based substance around on the roof. Hopefully, that means that it won’t leak anymore.Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get that done without ending up with this tar stuff clear up and over my elbows. And wouldn’t you know that I didn’t change into the pants that it already has stains on it. No I had one of my best pair of blue jeans.And I knew I could be careful and not crawl where I had already put tar down.I was right I didn’t however I did back up and put my knee right smack-dab on the lid of the can which of course had tar on it.

Even after repeated scrubbing with gasoline my hand was still splotchy with tar. It looked like the black spots on a white cowhide.

A couple of trips to Winkleys hardware for paint thinner.For social distancing, they had an extra large table blocking the entrance. You told them what you needed, then they went inside and fetched it for you. Is this going to continue to be the new way to do business,? Once home, Ella and I working together, got most of it off of me. Then I had to get it off of things I’d touched.Wait. Back up a minute. Did I just say, “A couple of trips?” Yep. I drove the eight or so miles and then discovered I didn’t have my billfold or my phone. If I’d had my phone, I would have been okay, ’cause I usually have a couple of bills in the phone case. But, no, I had go back and forth like a yoyo.

While I was on the roof, and then running around town, etc., Ella was doing laundry. She posted this:

Today has been a busy day for us. Tom tared the roof of the topper. Hopefully that well stop the leaks.

While he worked on the topper, I washed clothes. We bought two clothes racks, and a plunger with which to wash, a few days ago. The clothes are now hanging on the porch.

This is last day with no rain in the forecast for the next week. We’re down to about three more loads of clothes. We’ll try to wash that in the next few days, but we’ll have to dry that inside. Some of the laundry may just have to wait until it’s safe to go to the laundromat.

Now it’s time to rest. I think we may be getting old.

Tough times help us adjust our ways to fill our needs. I will appreciated the washers at the laundry more after doing it all by hand for a few weeks.

At about six thirty, when we took our walk, the sun was very bright in the western sky. We stopped in the shade of this little to take a photograph.

At sundown, I took a photograph of the sun setting on the horizon. It divided the sky. Left side clear. Right side clouds. It appeared that the clouds were rolled to one side. Out made me think, “And the clouds will be rolled away as a scroll.” (Revelation 6:14 & Isaiah 34:4) both speak of the clouds rolled like a scroll.We talked to some of our kids today. John called and talked to his mom. Jenny called and spoke to both of us. It is nice tho have people checking up on us.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 183 in Texas

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