2020 April 03 Friday

2020 April 03 Friday in Liberty Hill Texas

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.esterday, just before the rain, I put the awning out.The hope was that we could leave the door open, without rain coming in. It worked~mostly.Today I was looking at the awning and thinking. “It just doesn’t look right.” Finally I realized why the awning looked wrong. I hadn’t installed the rafters / braces. These rafters keep the awning fabric wretched and tight. That means less likely to tree tear.ow many different ways of saying gray can there be? “Without interest or character; dull and nondescript.” (Thank you, Google.”

Synonyms for gray/grey

  • Dove
  • ash
  • ashen
  • battleship
  • cinereal
  • clouded
  • dingy
  • drab
  • dusky
  • dusty
  • granite
  • heather
  • iron
  • lead
  • leaden
  • livid
  • mousy
  • neutral
  • oyster
  • pearly
  • peppery
  • powder
  • sere
  • shaded
  • silvered
  • silvery
  • slate
  • smoky
  • somber
  • stone

(Thank you thesaurus.com)I had to look up the meaning of cinereal.
“Cinereal is an old English word that comes from the Latin ‘cinis,’ which means and relates to ashes, specifically the dead cold heavy black ashes left after a fire.here are hills hidden by the cinereal foggy mist that permeates the air this morning.was up hours before Ella, I went to the living room and closed the door to the upper level, so as to not disturb her. Sometime later, I heard her in the bathroom. I asked if she was staying up or going back to bed. “Bed,” was her groggy reply.s time progressed, my stomach began to growl like a hungry lion. So, in fear, I prepared some oatmeal.Nobody wants a lion in their tummy. Though they may want a tiger in their tank.oments before ten o’clock, my bride appeared and was ready for breakfast. The oatmeal was easily reheated in the microwave.

This is day 22 of us being self isolated. These days we seldom dip a toe into the news-stream. We are already doing all of which we are able be remain safe. Hearing all the bad news of the day its not not going to change that.

I do not accept ANYTHING I read on social media as fact. I writes family and friends would stop sending misinformation and links to potentially harmful websites.

Hearing that one million now are infected needs to be balanced with the news that six billion nine hundred and ninety nine million are not not infected. (Numbers are not to be taken as exact, they are estimates) I did hear an assumed expert saying that we are still closer to the beginning off this pandemic than we are to even the middle. I suspect, and fear, he may be right. But right or wrong, there’s still not a dang blame thing that Ella and I can do, beyond what we are doing, praying and taking all precautions that we can.

hicken tortilla soup. It looked prettier before I stirred the cheese into it. I used V8 juice to extend. It had corn, black beans, red and green peppers, spices, and, of course, noodle sized bits of a couple flour tortillas.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 185 in Texas
This is day 22 of being self isolated, not wanting to be around folks with the corona-virus.

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