2020 April 04 Saturday in Liberty Hill Texas

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ore lead gray skies and more rain. Forty one degrees this morning was a little surprising. I knew it was going to be cool over night. So, I had started the space heater before going to bed.

showed y’all, on Thursday, that I have extended the awning. If you are unfamiliar with RV awnings, you may not know that they are famous for capturing and holding rain water. This is not a good thing. Water is heavy (about 8.35 pounds per gallon). When the awning bows toward the middle the weight is enough to tear the fabric loose or even cause the metal struts to bend and collapse. No bueno! Here are a couple examples found on the web.

here are ways to prevent this. The easiest by far is to roll the awning closed. This method is as fool proof as you can get. However, I WANT the awning out as protection from the rain – and to collect the rain.

have done two things to avoid water accumulating on the awning. First simply leave one side of the awning lower, which allows water to run off. The second thing I’ve done is to install rafters / supports which keep the awning from bowing and collecting water.

peaking of collecting water, I have placed a plastic tub at the lower end of the awning to capture the rain water. My hope is to hold enough to use for doing more laundry. (See the post on April first for more about how we are doing laundry without machines) I did not capture the first day of rain. My thought was that the first rain would clear dust and debris off of the awning.

his it’s the amount of rain water collected in about a hour. That is a thirty five gallon tub. (35×8.35=292.25 pounds) Now imagine if this was sitting on an awning. It pretty well demonstrates how a little rain can destroy a poorly cared for canopy. And look how clear and clean the water is.

ain water is soft water, meaning it contains none of the minerals found in ground water (wells, rivers, and lakes) that it’s pumped through your pipes.. When I was young we always had a rain barrel. That water was used for laundry in the old fashion wringer washer similar to the one shown below.


For communion tomorrow, here at home, I made some unleavened bread, a little oil, salt, honey, water, and flour. No measuring, just eyeballed it. Or as my mother would say, “By guess and by golly.”

e received a care package from John and Dawn, back in Iowa. Ella had mentioned to him that we were doing well. That the only thing I hadn’t found was flour. He mailed ten pounds of flour, a package of girl Scout cookies, two containers of dehydrated hash-browns and four rolls of toilet paper. Thank you.

nd, of course, we had to schedule a game or two of Fast Track into our busy schedule. We also managed to take our walk up to the mailbox and back.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 186 in Texas

Day 23 of us being self isolated.

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