2020 April 06 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to our daily journal. Share it with a friend.www.TomAndEllaJournal.comooking through the fog toward the East at the rising sun. It’s right there. You see it, right? No. No. A little to the left. As you missed it.he view to the South is just as foggy. The far hills have ducked of sight. Don’t take it personal. They are very shy hills. Sometimes they even disappear behind clouds of cedar pollen. No kidding. When the cedar and juniper are pollinating, it drifts like smoke through the valleys.he Western view is probably the foggiest direction at the moment. A couple of yard lights are trying in vain to fight their way through the mists. Just try to hang on until sunrise. Oh … right. No sunrise.


e broke with tradition and took a morning walk. And it did not involve checking the mail box.love the old time look of the rough cut siding. This building isn’t quite as old as it appears. It was built in the late 1990s with the idea of making it appear like real old western frontier general store.ots of yellow weeds and pink flowers, I think they may be primroses.small patch of blue bonnets and more yellow weeds. Texans go bonkers over blue bonnets. They run out into a large patch of flowers, plunk their baby down for a photo op. Folks, there are rattlesnakes out and about. THINK.into beans and rice with smoked sausage and carrots for lunch.The dishwasher is broke. No, we have no machine that’s broken. It’s me. I’m broker.Found a mask that’ll cover my beard.And it doubles as a cap. How great it’s that?My HUM device notified me that the truck’s battery was in the yellow zone. So we went for a drive to charge it. We were still in isolation. It just was a rolling isolation.God bless and g’nite.

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Day 188 in Texas

Day 25 of us being self isolated.

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