2020 April 09 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

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hat a beautiful morning! Seventy two degrees and a gentle breeze, that just barely moves the leaves. This is the kind of weather I would vote for on a year ’round basis. Who is with me? Write the National Weather Bureau and demand that they that they maintain a constant seventy two all year. And … and … no snow … except Christmas Eve and Christmas morning! Grin.


atmeal with raisins sounded perfect for breakfast. However, I forgot the raisins. Ella, echoing her daddy, calls it oatmeal with bugs. I will just have to add the bugs next time.

he back counter in our RV has become the drop zone for stuff for which we don’t really have a designated home. The chore de jour was to find hidey holes for all those sundry items. You can believe that it took over an hour, with the two of us working together, before we ~ called a timeout.

We had a “real” meal for lunch. Roast beef, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, and the last of the cornpone.

e had a severe thunderstorm pass through. It couldn’t stay long, had business elsewhere I reckon. The wind came first, like a herald before the king. There were no trumpets but I’ll grant you this, there was plenty of blowing.


Beginning to end the rain lasted about a half an hour. the wind never let up and the rain was falling sideways. I was surprised that we even managed to capture six inches of rain. I was surprised any of it hit the ground at all. So much debris we blown into the tub, that I dumped it. We should have more rainfall before Monday’s laundry day. And perhaps no more rubble will get into the tub next time.

nce the storm had passed over, we went for a walk to check on the mail box. Seemed appropriate since this is Passover. Chag Pesach Sameach!

Our neighbor seems to have damage to their awning and freestanding canopy.

thought she was trying to sit in my chair and missed. But she said she was backing up and tripped. Ella was also congratulating herself for only falling twice this year. I didn’t point out that we’re less than a third of the way through this year.

From 2018



Nobody said it would be this difficult and sometimes painful to just to get dressed in the morning.

Nobody explained that one third of my income would be spent on doctors, medications, and supplements. And that was after the insurance had paid.

I don’t recall anyone explaining about the mysterious “traveling” pain that would move from body part to body part.

Who would have thought that retirement could be so tiring and busy?

There are bits and pieces of me missing more everyday, hair, teeth, eyesight, hearing, and memory.

Speaking of memory, there’s the panic when I forget something … did I just forget or is it dementia?

Also that social filter in your head, that keeps you from saying what you really think, gets weaker and less effective every day.

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Day 191 in TexasDay 25 of us being self isolated.

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