2020 April 13 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

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hat gigantic ball of sky-fire burnt the true color from my photograph. To my eyes, shaded from direct glare, the sky was a beautiful robin’s egg blue. The camera, to protect itself from the solar onslaught, dimmed and coated everything with a wash of gray.

fter yesterday’s eighty degree high, I will admit to total shock (mind and body) at being awakened and being able to see my breath. Good news, the air conditioner stopped running at some point overnight. Obviously aware, that with outside temperature of thirty nine degrees, it could take the night off. The heaters, having not been forewarned of the forty degree plunge of temperature, lay dormant and unplugged.

efore my bride would unfurl from her fetal position or, like a prairie dog peering from its den, cautiously pull the covers from over her head, I had two space heaters running.

hich, it appears, I’ll do again tomorrow morning. All in all, it was a nice day, with a respectable sixty degrees. The sun hung bright with a heat that raised the indoor temperature to nearly eighty. The air conditioner wanted to run and protect us. But instead, I opened windows and employed fans of the oscillating sort.

(no photograph available of biscuits and gravy ‘cuz we ate it all gone)

reakfast was biscuits and gravy with fried eggs. These are leftover biscuits from those I baked Saturday. Though they were much more dense than I prefer my biscuits to be, with hot sausage gravy, they gave us something on which to chew.

isking frostbite, our brave hero repeatedly plunged his hands into the near frigid water, dipping the clean upper layer of water from the collection tubs and pouring them into new clean receptacles.

nly to have Ella proclaim, “I’m not doing laundry today!” Proving, once again, which of us has more sense. Tomorrow’s forecast appears a carbon copy of today’s. So, as I understand it, there will be no laundry being done for another day. We are far from going without clothes. Though if we did, none would know ~ until our afternoon walk.

he gray water tank was full, as proven by the kitchen sink not fully draining. As is common in many older recreational vehicles, the tank gauges are not always to be trusted. Therefore, not wanting to experience a similar experience with the black water (sewage) tank, I emptied them both. Black water first then followed by gray water, with which to flush the sewer hose. And yes, I did close both valves, once empty..

This morning I received a curious message from the VA. In large type it said, “VA asks that you request refills of your VA Prescriptions as soon as possible.I did as requested and submitted an order to refill on all my prescriptions. Not to sound an alarm, I just don’t understand why I should order them now, long before the need arises, unless they are anticipating not being able to fill them later.

Does the track of our walk remind anyone else of The Berenstain Bears?

n our afternoon walk I took Google Lens shots of a couple flowers.

There are seemingly endless fields of small yellow flowers that Google identified as wild chrysanthemums. They, singly, are not near as showy as the hybrid mums with which we are familiar. however, the sheer vastness of their numbers makes a sea of sunlight.

nd the very tiny rose-colored flowers as scarlet pimpernel. Not to be confused with “The Scarlett Pimpernel” in the heroic literature by Baroness Orczy.

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Day 195 , in Texas.Day 29 being self isolated.

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