2020 April 15 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

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he temperature reached a nice sixty eight degrees under full sun. If I could, I’d but a smiley face on today’s sun. Keep on smiling Ol’ Sol!

Good morning starshine
The earth says “hello”
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below
Good morning starshine
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
Our early morning singing song( )

Our early morning singing songs were hymns on the Elder Sing CD.

Round leaf rag wort?

Mock Verbena?

Antelope Horns?

Some of the flowering weeds we saw on our morning walk.

nce again HUM said the truck battery was in the yellow zone. We decided to take a longer drive to better charge the battery. Since we were going for a longer drive, we drove to Adam and Leigha’s. We invited them to come out near the truck to talk. It was nice to have a live visit with them, even at a distance.

nce we were done there, we called Sofia to see if Beket and she were able to step outside to talk with us. She was waiting on an important phone call from school. We said that we would try another time.

hile we were out, we ordered pizza from Dominos. Then went through the drive through. There was a small park in Bertrum where we stopped to eat the pizza. It seemed almost decadent to sit, enjoying the sunshine, in a public space. I hope no one tattles on us. Shhh!

nce home, Ella beat me severely. Fortunately, it was only at Fast Track. So three only that was bruised was my ego.

care package from Linnea arrived on our deck. It came with facemasks, Bisquick, and Hot Tamales candies. It was very much appreciated. Thanks. Everything was wiped down with Clorox wipes, because you don’t know how m many have handled them.

tried unsuccessfully to take a nap. When that failed, I asked Ella if she was ready for a walk to the mailbox. We had received a package through USPS but that is a separate delivery person from the mail carrier. When we checked the box there was nothing but echoes.

fter our walk, Ella went in for a shower and I worked some more in the topper. I Keep forgetting to document with photographs what I’m doing.

e had a choir practice, via Zoom, from all of our homes tonight. It did not not go well. Although we could see and hear each other, singing was impossible. Zoom only plays the voice of the loudest and not multiple voices at once. Even when speaking we had that robotic auto-tune voice and it made the piano sound like a calliope.

NO SUNSET PHOTO I was on the Zoom call when the sun was setting.

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Day 197 in Texas.

Day 31 being self isolated.

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