2020 April 18 Saturday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to our daily journal. Share it with a friend. www.TomAndEllaJournal.comAudio journal https://www.spreaker.com/user/12220003Good morning! It’s SAT—–UR-DAY!!! Remember when Saturdays meant morning cartoons and afternoons filled with bike rides and tree climbing? Saturdays were the reward for suffering through another week of readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.Then came adulthood and Saturdays became the day when the ball and chain of the J.O.B. was unlocked long enough for you to tackle the weekend list of chores.After the J.O.B. had used up the best if you, you were released into retirement. And some store clerk said, “Have a nice weekend.” A confused look formed on your face as you thought, “Is this Saturday?”he sky once only ashen has now turned cinereal. Remember “cinereal” from an earlier post? No? Then you’ll need to look it up.had hoped, because of yesterday’s late evening break in the cloud cover, that the drab blanket would unravel overnight. But no, the master weaver rewove the frayed strands and created the current down-filled comforter overhead.I turned the heat on before bed last night. Though I evidently had not set it quite high enough. Oh it was wonderful for sleeping. But the sixty degrees inside temperature is a might chilly.had used the bread machine to make a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread yesterday afternoon. This morning I cut two thick slabs from the loaf, dredged them in milk, egg, and spices, fried them in butter, and served then with butter and syrup. A good treat on a cool morning.Not surprisingly we played Fast Track for a while after breakfast.Lunchtime meant spaghetti with meat sauce. I inadvertently cooked too many noodles.I used the leftover noodles, chicken broth, and a small can of chicken breast to makes soup for supper.That’s all she wrote, folks. It was a slow day at the Williams’s..

  • God bless and g’day.
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Day 200, in Texas. Day 34 being self isolated.

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