2020 April 22 Wednesday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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We had no storm here. We had a bit of rain, is all. I sat outside on the deck this morning. I was enjoying the rains as they past through.Videos: Capturing rainwater 1Capturing rainwater (2) which will be used for laundry. That is when we have enough clothes that need washing. I’ve written the same shirt and pants for more than a few days now. Let’s face it, I’ve done nothing to soil them. Why change ’em?

or lunch I made the corn and potatoes chowder, that was requested by my bride. I was going to add sour cream, as usual. However, the sour cream smelled more sour than I was comfortable with eating.fter lunch, we hitched up Rudolf the red nose pickup and drove to town so we could check the post office box. Our rental period for the box ends at the thirtieth of this month. I think everything has been switched to the street address.ome of my Amazon order arrived today. I now have the proper RV roof patching material. Now all I need is to find the “sometimes” leak.also replaced the water filter on our water supply. The previous filter had been on there since October first. Normally the filter would have come off at the end of April when we headed north for the summer. Then a new filter would be installed when we returned in October. Since I have no idea when, or if, we are leaving Texas this year, I thought it was time for a new filter now.o-tu,-we-th-fr-sa-day they all are running together. Sunday is different because we “go” to church. We just need to make each of the other days special. I’ve heard of one couple who do a ,”formal” Friday. On Friday’s they get all “dolled up” in their best duds for the day.Maybe:Sunday go to meetingMake a lighter MondayTune up TuesdayWeeding WednesdayThorough Thursday .Fix it FridaySorting SaturdayWhat do you think? What does your weekly planner look like?
  • God bless and g’day.
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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

Day 205, in Texas. Day 39 being self isolated.©2020 Thomas E Williams

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