2020 April 23 Thursday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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Here’s why I did not go to work today
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Thursday has its own peculiar way
Of saying “hey”
Sometimes Thursday almost
Makes you want to run away
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day*”

he sun has plans to make this day as bright and warm as possible. There are no clouds to get in the way and hide his glory. Yes, the sun had plans for today. The morning was very pleasant. We took about a quarter mile walk and then enjoyed sitting outside. Altogether, it was a beautiful morning.

By noon it had only reached seventy four degrees.

However, by one o’clock it was eighty one degrees. I believe the sun is pumping out as much heat as possible to blow past the predicted eighty three.

By five o’clock it was eighty seven hot and sweaty degrees.

Some photographs from our morning walk.

This is our harvested rainwater from yesterday’s rainfall plus a smaller amount from the air conditioner’s condensation.

Nine years ago I was pushing this tiny little girl in the swing. She would ask to “go high”. But would be afraid if I took her “too high”. I think she just wanted to be as fearless as her brother, but couldn’t quite push it to the same limits. Now she is a young woman with a drivers license, who no longer needs grandpa to help her in a swing. I’m proud of how she’s grown..

This was a very busy afternoon. Shortly after three we arrived at Wal-Mart to pick up our grocery order. As far as I could tell there were only three or four employees bringing groceries out to the vehicles. Since I was there last, they’ve at least doubled the number of pick up spots. That’s good. But if they haven’t doubled the employees, it doesn’t work. They could convert the whole parking lot to waiting stations, but without increased workers, it doesn’t change a thing.

After getting our groceries, we drove to a different spot in the parking lot to get the prescriptions. We called in to the pharmacy to let them know we were there and where we were. Shortly they arrived with a bag of pills.

Once we had the prescriptions, we moved to the gas station to fill the truck and a five gallon gas can, all for less than twenty six dollars. One dollar and thirty four cents a gallon!

Our next stop was Action Propane to refill a thirty pound tank for twenty dollars. That is the cheapest I’ve ever seen propane.

But we’re still not done for the day. We stopped at Walgreen for some over the counter meds and a case of diet Dr Pepper, neither of which were available at Wal-Mart.

Our last stop was just six miles from home, Parker’s Corner Groceries. I purchased eggs, ground beef, and corn starch, none of which was available at Wal-Mart. I also bought ice cream and potatoes chips. Hey, I was tired, hungry, and feeling the need for a treat!

While we were out and about, Jenny called. Ella told her that we would call her back. Once we were home, with most things stored away, we called and talked for nearly a half an hour and ended with an invitation for supper tomorrow night.

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  • ©2020 Thomas E. Williams

Day 206, in Texas.

©2020 Thomas E Williams

Day 40 being self isolated.*(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go to Work Today

Here’s why I did not go to work today
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Thursday has its own peculiar way
Of saying “hey”
Sometimes Thursday almost
Makes you want to run away
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Yeah, Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Let’s go have a picnic, Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Hope it doesn’t rain
When I’m feeling Thursday
I go and have a drink
If Thursday was a boat I bet it’d sink
I did on Monday
I tried on Tuesday
Wednesday’s simply not my cup of tea, oh
Thank Heaven it’s Friday
Thank the Lord for the weekend
Thursday now, that’s such a crazy, lazy day
They say Monday’s child is full of faith
Tuesday’s child is fair of face
Thursday’s child has far to go
And it’s no wonder
When the week becomes a rat race
You can bet, win, show or place
But never bet on Thursday
‘Cause God’s not on its case
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Don’t get me wrong
It’s just that Thursday’s twice as long as it should be
It’s twice as long
Mondays, Tuesdays, weekends, Fridays
Don’t get in my way
But Thursday’s just a crazy, lazy day
Monday is a blues day
That goes for Tuesday
Wednesday’s just the middle of the week, yeah, hmm
Friday is just another payday
The weekend’s just another heyday
But Thursday’s surreptitiously unique
That’s why I didn’t go to work today
Thursday’s got its own peculiar way
Of saying “hey”
Sometimes Thursday makes you want to run away
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day
Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day

Source: LyricFind Songwriters: D. Kortchmar Nilsson © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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